Friday, 29 April 2011

Earlier today Cain and Steve headed back over to the Sanna Bay area in order to gain some more footage of the stunning white beaches, with the Inner Hebrides as a back drop. They were also pleased to have good views of two Cuckoos chasing each other in flight on the way back to Portuarik. 

Ciara went down to the beach hoping to film some hermit crabs and Cain tagged along. We found no hermit crabs but noticed a shore crab sitting on the rocks. Ciara managed to get some footage of it before it scurried into the rock pool.

At the end of the day Steve really wanted a group picture so we all trotted to the beach. After about 50 attempts Steve whipped out his comb and brushed his hair, definitely the highlight of the expedition. However the resulting picture was the most natural and successful shot of the shoot, completely planned of course. Its a trick often played by many portrait photographers, throw the group a curve ball and capture their resultant reaction.  

This is our last day and so this will be our last post. We will update this page should the search for our final goal of seeing a wildcat this evening be successful, we hope so. And so the expedition ends.

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  1. Great pic of you all - we are visiting the Ardnamurchan peninsula soon and are enjoying reading your blog and looking at your pics. Looking forward to the documentary.
    We hope you don't mind being followed by two dogs.......!!!!