Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Day 5…

The intention of filming a few ideas that had been thought about the day before was originally on the cards for this morning. Instead, as the day presented a bright but grey appearance, Steve decided to make a change of plan and practice a few slow shutter speed shots at the river a short walk from the cottage. 

Cain, Rachael and Ciara went on a nice long 5 hour walk up the river to a Loch. Some parts were quite challenging to walk through, due to slippery rocks, strong currents and deep pools. There were some beautiful waterfalls on the way as well as large amounts of ticks which weren't a welcome sight! When we eventually reached the Loch we were surprised at how calm and quiet it was, Cain had anticipated seeing some red throated divers but apart from a few fish jumping the Loch was very still. 

Cain's 7D only seemed to have 10 seconds on the self-timer, so what at first seemed like a good idea, became an uphill challenge for Cain, literally. The first three attempts can be seen below.

Cain spent another couple of hours in the hide tonight filming the Grey Herons, two birds were present along with a White Wagtail, and the lone calling Corncrake. On his return a second Pine Marten made a visit to the cottage at roughly 22:25, this individual showed less coverage of dark fur on the face and seemed to be slightly smaller.

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