Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day 4...

 High tide came at 7 o clock this morning. Swamping boot deep at times through the extremely boggy networks and leaping the weaving water channels that ran the course of the field made taking a direct path to the hide increasingly difficult. Steve snaked his direction for a while as one path would run out and new ones were found eventually making his way safe but somewhat soggy into the hide.

This afternoon, all 4 expedition members walked for almost an hour to reach a beach called "Camas nan Gaell". Along the way Cain wondered aloud as to why we hadn't seen any signs of otters yet. When we finally reached the small bay, there was one there to greet us, casting away our doubts whether we'd ever see one. Cain just managed to capture it on film, as it dived, while Ciara got a shot of its head bobbing in the water, though it was quite far away we found it very exciting just to catch a glimpse of one. The beach looks to be a promising area and we will in no doubt be visiting again!

These tiny critters were huddling together in the rock pools on top of the water. Not quite sure what they are yet! Any ideas?

This evening Cain made a visit to the hide, he spent 4 hours filming the Grey Herons fish as the tide came in and went out again, exposing channels of water which held the Herons prey. A Pied Wagtail kept him company in the early part of the visit, and a lone Grey Heron continually hunted. As the sun began to set a strange call could be heard coming from the left of the hide, a Corncrake, a first for Cain and a first for the expedition.

Another visit from the Pine Marten at 00:00, taking the biscuits we left out, this time all the expedition members got a chance to see this magnificent creature. Once it moved on the moon appeared, glowing orange, and its reflection passing over Loch Sunart. Cain went outside to see if he could photograph it.

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