Wednesday, 27 April 2011

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Here is a post to update you now we have now regained internet access.

Day 8- We arrived at the camp site mid morning and pitched up to the sounds of sedge warblers scratching away from the bushes and a cuckoo calling somewhere from the rocky hillside behind us. The campsite is right next to the beach so every morning we wake to the sound of the tide. After pitching up we went for a walk to check the ferry time tables.

Day 9- The group woke to the sound of rain that confined us to our tents for the morning. As the afternoon dried up and the sun came out we decided to visit Ardnamurchan light house, the most westerly point on mainland Britain.

Day 10- Cain met Ewan and the group headed back to the light house area, this time to explore the headland and beaches for common seal and the still elusive otter.

Day 11- Today we were sheduled for the whale watching 7 hr boat trip. Cain, Ciara & Rachael found Steve running up to the car moments before we were due to leave for the 8 o clock ferry who arrived more by the grace of extreme good fortune than planned timing. He had been filming 3 otters feeding far down the beach and had only just returned by the skin of his teeth so to speak. Highlights of the boat trip included... Great Skua flying low over the boat, good views of White-tailed eagle, multiple harbour porpoise and rafts of Manx shearwater.

Today the expedition members ventured back to the Common/Harbour Seals at the lighthouse, in order to gain more footage and stills of these curious animals. Cain and Rachael headed down to the rocks, no more than 4-5 metres away from the resting and swimming Seals, whilst Steve and Ciara explored the headland. A good amount of fooatage was gained, and a Guiellmot feeding in the same area provide some great entertainment.

Manx shearwater taken from the side of the boat.

Common seal hauled out on the rocks near Ardnamurchan Lighthouse

Cain in scout pose looking out to sea along with Ewan and Ciara

Ciara & Rachael videoing the seals from the headlands

Soaking up the sun
The search for otters led us to this area

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